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Apollo Lasers are pleased to be able to offer servicing, maintenance, and repair packages for all our manufactured lasers, IPL and aesthetic devices. All devices are given a 12-month warranty from date of purchase, but a service plan can give you peace of mind for when that warranty period expires.

Insurance companies require aesthetic devices to be regularly serviced, the duration between these services depends greatly on the utilisation of your device. Our team of engineers have extensive working knowledge and maintenance experience with all Apollo Laser systems, so they can ensure your device is safe and operating at peak performance.

We have servicing and repair packages to suit all budgets and can offer discounted plans on multiple devices.  Discounts can be applied when purchasing maintenance plans for devices within the same clinic or for those based across multiple clinics.

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What is included in a service agreement?

Power Measurements:

This is vitally important for an engineer to check the calibration periodically to identify any gradual variation of output that might occur over time. This can also indicate potential problems before they arise.


Lasers & IPL’s incorporate mirrors that reflect the laser beams and glass optics to focus the energy beam. These mirrors and optics can get dirty over time which may result in the drop off in power of the system and cause low-power errors. In addition, the energy beam may cause that dirt collection to become burnt onto the mirror or optics which would then require to be replaced entirely.

Routine cleaning of these mirrors, lenses and optics will help prevent this from happening and reducing the need for expensive callouts and replacement parts. Likewise, the engineer will clean and, replace if needed, the various dust filters built into the system.

Beam Alignment:

Beam alignment is a must anytime there has been adjustment to the mirrors or lens, or if the system has received any knocks. This is a specialist and very precise task and if not done correctly can costs thousands in repair costs.


Water runs through every laser and IPL as a cooling agent, so it is vital that the water is clean, is the correct type and is filled to the correct level. Insufficient water can lead to water pump failure and machine overheating which could intern lead to further machine damage. During a service the entire system will be drained, cleared and refilled with distilled water.

Cooling Fan:

The cooling fan need to be checked and cleaned to ensure it is running at the correct speed for optimum performance.

Handpieces and Applicators:

The complexity of machine handles and applicators depend on the system being serviced, and so need varying degrees of maintenance, but in general any lenses need cleaning, to avoid any dirt or debris that can build up and damage the lens and the structural integrity needs to be checked.


What is not included in a maintenance service agreement?


In a similar fashion to warranty agreements, accidental damage to the system, fibers, cables, handpieces and applicators are not covered by our service agreement, nor damage as a result of operating the equipment outside of normal treatment parameters or in a method not prescribed with in the equipment literature.

Deliberate misuse, and damage caused by fire, theft flood or ‘acts-of-God’ are likewise excluded, as is damage as a result of moving the laser to a new location. (Always have a laser engineer relocate your system so that it can be calibrated and aligned after the move).

Please note; when transporting your aesthetic device to our service center please ensure that it is in the original packaging. Also please DO NOT send power cables or any accessories unless prior agreed.

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