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Apollo AELIUS 980nm Vascular Removal Diode Laser

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Thread or spider veins also referred to as Telangiectasia, are permanently dilated capillaries that have broken near the surface of the skin (epidermis). This results in unsightly red patterns, forming which can be situated anywhere on the body.

The Apollo Aelius 980nm laser provides the optimum absorption spectrum for the efficient removal of vascular cells. This new system has less impact on the skin with minimal burning, blistering, and scabbing. Additionally, the new design of the handpiece allows the 980nm laser beam to focus at a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, causing less trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Dermal collagen growth is also promoted by the Aelius laser, while vascular treatments increase epidermal thickness and density so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed. The skin’s elasticity and resistance are also significantly enhanced due to the vascular therapy.

Applications for the Apollo Aelius Diode Laser

  • EVLT (Endogenous Veins Laser Treatment)
  • Vascular lesion therapy
  • Spider veins/ facial veins
  • Remove red blood cells; various telangiectasis, cherry haemangioma etc

Machine Specifications


Output Fibre-optic coupling
Laser wavelength 980nm
Output power 1-30W
Pulse width 15ms—100ms
Frequency 1-5Hz
Mode Pulse mode
Net/Gross weight 4KG/9KG
Input AC:96-264V、47-53Hz
Length of Fibre 2m
Operate mode Touch screen
language English or OEM
Aiming Beam Diode laser of 650nm±10nm,5mW (Max.), adjustable brightness
Operation interface 8.0-inch Colour LCD touch screen
Cooling Air cooling
Light delivery system Detachable fibre systems, Core Size (Use only approved systems) ≤200µm, SMA 905 connector
Safety classification ClassⅠType B
Machine (Flight case) Dimensions 360mm*340mm*200mm (430mm*430mm*280mm)

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