Who Are Apollo Lasers ?

Apollo Lasers is a family run business that has been born out of our experience of there being a lack of after sales support and business start up advice.

When starting our Laser clinic we struggled to find good quality machines and reliable suppliers that did not abandon us after sale. We took the decision to form a reliable company ourselves with machines we are happy to use in our own clinics.

At Apollo Lasers we do not just sell you a machine, we give you full technical support for the life of the machine.

Starting a business can be a daunting experience and we are happy to give you any and all advice that you will need with our consultancy option, from choosing the correct machine to what documentation and training your clinic may require.

Apollo Lasers is now a top medical technology and aesthetic machine manufacturer, internationally renowned in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our company offers the most innovative technology and is at the forefront of the UK laser industry today. Our experience as technicians has allowed us to work with our engineers and design highly advanced machines for the medical and aesthetics industry.

High quality manufacturing within the last 5 years has made Apollo Lasers into a leading brand within this specialist field.


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